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Trumans Brewery transformation into a one day PopUpTrack

With support from Nike, an epic night of 200 runners racing on a purpose built PopUpTrack against each other and the clock through a warehouse and car park to a soundtrack laid down by DJ Mr Trouble.

The PopUpTrack was set up within and around the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane for which there was well over  1200 sqm of performance surface required. Not just your average running track, but an ambitious and specifically designed 200m track with multiple right and left hand corners both inside the warehouse and outside in the car park. This was a complex project that the PopUpArena event design team spent several weeks developing and testing to deal with the variations of the floor space and access to the site.

Working with agency Limelight and Cory Walton-Hamilton (the man behind Track Mafia), the evening was based around 600m fall out races, with 20 teams of 6 people facing each other in heats of 2 teams. Everyone starts, then after the first 200m the first 2 drop out, after 400m the other 2 drop out and it’s up to the last 2 to make the final 200m…not easy to understand at first but the Track Mafia and Nike Pacers teams showed how it was done.

This was another exceptional PopUpArena success. In 24 hours, we transformed a grey urban space into a unique PopUp sporting experience and by the next day, all back to normal.