Mobile Sports Arena System
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Arena Surfaces

Simplicity in Design, Rapid Operation, Best User Experience, Mediagenic Appeal

Mike Milne Home, the founder of PopUpArena, has spent the last ten years reviewing, sourcing and testing alternative options to our established Arena Surfaces for popup styled outdoor and indoor events. All too frequently Mike comes back to his original concepts and core features.

  • Simplicity in Design - ease of storage, transport, maintenance, versatility of use, durability and frequency of use. (AS120 SuperSport Package)
  • Rapid Operation - accelerated methods to install and extract arenas within tight schedules, streamlining the RAMS and causing minimal impact to venues.
  • Best User Experience - the transformation of empty space into an arena of sporting experience and great memories for participants, spectators and event stakeholders
  • Mediagenic Appeal - creating impactful media content for use stakeholder promotion, engagement, signposting and personal use.

See the downloadable PDF documents in the box above for the various surfaces we operate. Scroll down to the images at end of this page to view a broad range of arena surfaces installed at events.

The inventive and adaptable design for each of our Arena Surfaces, such as for PopUpPitch, PopUpCourt, PopUpTrack or PopUpWicket, is comprised of interlocking tiles with an appropriate surface textile layer laminated to an high density EVA foam base. Around any Arena Surface we install interlocking ramped rubber edges that provides required ballast to make the interlocking tiles stable. Each Arena Surface has been chosen and tested relevant to the activity or sport, be that for the performance of the bounce or the roll of ball, or from a health and safety perspective for foot grip and rotation, and physical impact of the body, in particular the head.

The following video is an advertisement by Canterbury Clothing launching the Bath Rugby rugby shirt, which provides a useful demonstration of a PopUpPitch using our artificial grass tiles installed in Bath City Centre. What is not apparent is the rapid install and extract all had to happen within one hour to give the film production enough time to shoot the advert. We might call this a 'PopUpPitch Bomb' which totally engaged, enthralled and entertained the Bath community for several hours.


The AS120 SuperSport Package

Available for HIRE or to BUY

Our innovative AS120 SuperSport system is a portable and compact performance surface that can dramatically improve sporting experiences for everyone, designed for multi-sport use and can be configured and scaled to suit the space you have available.

This AS120 system has been in operation for many years within many NGBs, Sport for Development Groups, Schools, Universities and Community Centres across the UK.  Through our partnership with the Tennis Foundation and their funding through the 'SERVES' programme, PopUpArena have delivered over seventy PopUpCourts used for Doorstep activities in disadvantaged communities.

PUA120 Super Sport Package includes;

  • 60 interlocking tiles (120sqm)
  • 70 ramped safety edges
  • Line Marking Tape & Roller
  • Compact storage trolley
  • BS EN 1177:     Fall height – 1.0m


Easy to set up by two people in as little as 30 minutes

  • Ideal for many sports and activities
  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Safe, durable surface
  • Inside or outside use 
  • More equipment options 
  • Excellent value for money

Chris Jones – CEO, England Athletics

"The PopUpArena AS120 Package provides a portable, adaptable and creative alternative to traditional facilities, supplementing the competition and activity experience which is so important in removing barriers and inspiring a generation to participate in athletics across the nation" 

For more information on the AS120 SuperSport Package, download the PDF Product Brochure in the box above or call Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399.