Mobile Sports Arena System
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The simplest temporary team bleacher seating solution on the market. Ideal for smaller popup events in public spaces, sporting events, equestrian shows, outdoor festivals, community and school sports days. Seating for 50 to 360 installed in just 30 minutes with minimal RAMS. Suitable as 'last minute' seating into confined and less accessible areas.

PopUpSeating -  PUA30 & PUA18 Bleachers

Model                       :  PUA30                     

Seat Style                :  Bench

Capacity                  :  30

Length                     :  4.6m

Depth                      :  1.8m

Height                     :  1.7m

Weight                    :  125 kg

Model                      :  PUA18

Seat Style               :  Bench

Capacity                 :  18

Length                    :  2.7m

Depth                     :  1.7m

Height                    :  1.8m

Weight                   :  80 kg

 Fold flat 3 tier aluminium bench structure

Optional Overlay:  Seat Cushions &  Branded Banners