Mobile Sports Arena System
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Arena Surfaces

Simplicity in Design, Rapid Operation, Best User Experience, Mediagenic Appeal

The inventive and adaptable design for each of our Arena Surfaces, such as for PopUpPitch, PopUpCourt, PopUpTrack or PopUpWicket, is comprised of interlocking tiles with an appropriate surface textile layer laminated to an high density EVA foam base. 

Around any Arena Surface we install interlocking ramped rubber edges that provides required ballast to make the interlocking tiles stable. White velcro line is applied to the surface as required. 

Each Arena Surface has been chosen and tested relevant to the activity or sport, be that for the performance of the bounce or the roll of ball, or from a health and safety perspective for foot grip and rotation, and physical impact of the body, in particular the head.

  • Simplicity in Design - ease of storage, transport, maintenance, versatility of use, durability and frequency of use. (AS120 SuperSport Package - see below)
  • Rapid Operation - accelerated methods to install and extract arenas within tight schedules, streamlining the RAMS and causing minimal impact to venues.
  • Best User Experience - the transformation of empty space into an arena of sporting experience and great memories for participants, spectators and event stakeholders
  • Mediagenic Appeal - creating impactful media content for use stakeholder promotion, engagement, signposting and personal use.

See the downloadable PDF documents in the box above for the various surfaces we operate. Scroll down to the images at end of this page to view a broad range of arena surfaces installed at events.

Available to HIRE for events or to BUY for your own use

Our innovative AS120 SuperSport package is a practical, portable and compact arena performance system that can dramatically improve sport experiences for everyone, suitable for multi-activity use and can be configured and scaled to suit the space you have available.

Four own events, large or small, the AS120 system operates as the building block around which arena surface installations are transported and delivered. For example through our partnership with the Tennis Foundation we operate over seventy AS120 systems across the UK delivered directly into disadvantaged communities to play tennis on our PopUpCourt.

The AS120 system in summary;

AS120 Super Sport Package includes;

  • 60 interlocking tiles (120sqm)
  • 70 ramped safety edges
  • Line Marking Tape & Roller
  • Compact storage trolley
  • BS EN 1177:     Fall height – 1.0m

Easy to set up by two people in as little as 30 minutes

  • Ideal for many sports and activities
  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Safe, durable surface
  • Inside or outside use 
  • More equipment options 
  • Excellent value for money

Chris Jones – CEO, England Athletics

"The PopUpArena AS120 Package provides a portable, adaptable and creative alternative to traditional facilities, supplementing the competition and activity experience which is so important in removing barriers and inspiring a generation to participate in athletics across the nation" 

For more information, download the AS120 Package PDF from the box above

To learn more about our range of Arena Surfaces call Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751


A buzzing atmosphere within an arena or setting makes all the difference to the experience for both the participants and the spectators. But how easy is it to engineer that sense of crowd magic when you are starting with an empty space in just a matter of hours? 

We offer a simple temporary lightweight tiered bleacher seating solution that can be installed rapidly in just an hour or more, rather than days, and requiring minimal RAMS. Whilst we install many annual scheduled events, we are also experts at responding and handling the 'last minute/turn key' requirements that many of our clients throw at us. 

We can rapidly install capacity from 30 to 1000 bleacher seats often into confined and less accessible spaces that larger traditional seating companies simply can't adapt to. The key feature to our rapid and uncomplicated approach is the 'fold-up and go' design of the lightweight hydraulic grandstand and the flat pack interlocking bleachers.

The following 30 second video illustrates the install simplicity of our seating 125 capacity grandstand.

PUA125 Mobile Grandstands

Model                      :  PUA125

Seat Style               :  Bleacher Bench

Capacity                 :  125

Length                    :  8.5m

Depth                     :  4.7m

Height                    :  3.0m

Weight                   :  1600 kg

Technical dimensions available as downloads in the box above.

PUA30 Bleachers

Model                       :  PUA30                     

Seat Style                :  Bleacher Bench

Capacity                  :  30

Length                     :  4.6m

Depth                      :  1.8m

Height                     :  1.7m

Weight                    :  125 kg

Optional Overlay   :  Seat Cushions, Branded Banners, Branded Flags

Val Watley, Alresford Agricultural County Show

Having a PopUpArena bleacher grandstand seating at the Alresford Show helps to provide a great atmosphere generating a greater sense of occasion for the equine competitors in the Outer show ring.  It demonstrates that their competitions are every bit as important to Show day as the events in the Main show ring.  Spectators welcome the opportunity to be able to sit and watch the events, cheering on their favourites, rather than jostling for standing room at ringside.  For the competitors it provides and extra edge and a feeling of ‘occasion’ which spurs them on to give of their best.  So put simply, everyone wins – the spectators, the competitors and the Show.

Sam Brown, Race Director & Event Manager, Ironman Series

“The mobile grandstands used at our Iron Man finish lines across the UK provide a simple, no-nonsense PopUpSeating solution with a big impact to every event across the UK. Delivery, installation and extraction is consistently managed by the PopUpArena crew diligently into our own tight event by event schedule with great efficiency and helpful teamwork."

George Morgan, York University Students Union Events Team

“I have to say, it is very hard to put into words the positive impact that Pop-Up Arena had on our varsity event Roses 2017! As the largest inter-varsity sports competition in Europe, we endeavour to work with the best suppliers in order to achieve a fantastic weekend of both sport and events for the students... and believe me, Pop-Up Arena did not disappoint! Pop-Up Arena provided a fantastic service, both prior to and on the day of our event. The PopUpSeating  installation, mid-event transition and extraction were dealt with swiftly and the PopUpSeating units they provide are top quality for any type of event you are organising!”

Scroll through the images below to see a broad range of events where our PUA125 and PUA30 seating has been installed.

For more information about any of these events or to discuss your requirements call either Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751.

Arena Perimeters

The design principals for any Arena Perimeter structure is that it must be compact to store, easily transportable and manageable for rapid installation and extraction on site.

Typically, a Arena Perimeter can serve multiple purposes which will determine the appropriate structure and our team will work with you to look at ideas and designs suitable to your event. 

- Ball Retention within an arena area
- Crowd Control keeping people off the arena area
Truss Structures for net enclosures and covers, mounting sound, lighting and timing equipment

- Panels for client and event branding

Additional structures as part of the perimeter can also be supplied; staging, tents and toilets.

For more information about any of these events or to discuss your requirements call either Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751.